Summer Means Mango Madness

Tropico dedicates six months to premium quality mango

Australia produces an average of 60,000 tonnes* of mango every year. The season starts mid-September extending to mid-April. From the moment the first truckload of mango from the Northern Territory arrives at Tropico in September, processing starts in earnest with teams working around the clock to ensure the fruit is processed at the optimum time. The mango processing starts to wind down in March with the late varieties like Honey Gold from Queensland. 

We are especially proud of our ability to source the Kensington Pride mango, one of the most sought-after varieties in the food and beverage sector.

This medium-sized, soft, sweet and tangy fruit has golden flesh and rich orange skin. It often has a pink-red blush and is available all summer. It’s also the mango Aussies love to love!

The original tree was grown in Bowen, Queensland, where it was also given the name Pride of Bowen and Bowen Special, or Kensington. It was possibly brought to Bowen by traders who were shipping horses for military use in India.

Kensington Pride was recognised for its flavour and became the most widely grown commercial mango in Australia, and remains so today despite the introduction of other varieties. It is grown widely in the lush green tropical and sub-tropical regions of the country, as well as in the more arid areas of Western Australia and the Northern Territory with its wet season.

After the Kensington Pride, Australia also produces other mango varieties called Honey Gold with its unique rich flavour, the large R2E2, Keitt, Kent, Palmer and Brooks. A newer variety also available early in the season is the Calypso, which has a particularly firm flesh, with a deep orange blush and a full, sweet flavour.

* Australian Mango Industry Association Ltd. 

Please click on the image of the mangoes for a short video recorded at one of our grower's farm in sunny Queensland