Facilities and Services

Accredited facility's customised solutions

Our plant at Yandina has the capacity to process a wide range of not only tropical fruit but also stone and berry fruits of the highest quality. Our facility includes dedicated extraction lines & aseptic fillers. With our experienced technical team combined with full suite of accreditations covering Organic, Kosher and Halal, Tropico is well placed to deliver customised solutions.

Quality Assurance

We are a customer-oriented business, focussed on food safety, product performance and ensuring legislative requirements are met, in particular traceability.

Underpining Tropico's success is the quality and consistency of our products. To achieve this we have a fully developed Quality and Food Safety System and achieved accreditation in Codex HACCP and SQF. We also carry Organic, Kosher and Halal certification.

Our on-site technical capabilities include a full micro laboratory as well as a fully qualified quality assurance team.



Tropico's manufacturing facility consists of a number of dedicated extraction lines capable of processing not only tropical fruits but also citrus, berry and stone fruits. We also provide custom base blending and can blend both local and imported products.

Our aseptic line gives us the capability to pack products from single strength juices through to concentrates in formats ranging from 15Kg bag in box to 200Kg drums and bulk pallecons.


Innovation and Product Development

The Tropico Product Development team is comprised of enthusiastic Food Technologists with domestic and international experience in the food industry. 

The team has vast experience and knowledge of the fruit preparation, beverage and bakery sectors and has worked with, and developed products for, global dairy, juice, bakery and beverage manufacturers. 

Through regular communication with farmers through to international suppliers, as well as attending industry events, the Product Development team prides itself in staying in touch with market and processing trends.