Wide Range of Customised Products

Tropico can provide a fruit solution that meets your needs

Tropico is a leading Australian processor of  juice and puree products, as well as manufacturing a premium range of stabilised fruit
preparations for the dairy and bakery industry.

Aseptic Australian Mango Puree, and Australian Kensington Pride Mango Puree, are Tropico's flagship products. Pineapple juice and crush, strawberry puree, guava puree and a range of berry purees add variety and colour to the range. Many other fruits are available, including Australian Gold Kiwi puree!

Blending of juice mixes is another service Tropico provides, with packaging options of drums or bag-in-box.


Fruit Preparations/Syrups/Sauces

Tropico specialise in producing a high quality range of both organic and conventional fruit based and non fruit based preparations that are tailor made to meet the needs of its Customers.
We offer a high level of personalised service that is supported by a dedicated and experienced Product Development team who love nothing more than to be challenged.

Some examples of what we currently do for our valued Customers:

  • Yoghurt preparations
  • Ice cream ripples & flavours
  • Bakery fillings
  • Savoury preparations
  • Smoothie bases

Give us a challenge. we love it!



Fruit Juices/Purees/Concentrates

Experience and innovation make Tropico an industry leader

With more than 30 years experience in the manufacturing and processing of fruit and fruit based products, Tropico has positioned itself as a leader in the industrial Australian fruit market.

From our modern manufacturing facility we service a number of Australia's leading food and beverage manufacturers.