Our Stories

With over three decades of operations, Tropico has formed an enviable reputation in the market with both growers and food and beverage manufacturers for quality products. Whether it be our long-term contracts with Kensington Pride mango growers, our supply contracts with premium juice manufacturers or our top-of-the-range stabilised fruit preparations with berries sourced from across the globe, Tropico has always been committed to building long-term business partnerships aimed at adding value to all stakeholders. We hope that you enjoy some of our stories.

Vegetable Variants

Tropico has been working with key vegetable suppliers in the Queensland regions, exploring the range of cucumber varieties, in order to create new vegetable lines for our customers to ennhance their beverage and savoury offerings.

Cucumber has been spotted in more drink and juice blends, as it's offering a great refreshing flavour available from Tropico year-round. 


Sourcing Our Fruit

Fruit from global paddocks processed at Yandina

The Supply Chain team at Tropico is dedicated to sourcing the best quality fruits from Australia and around the world.

With extensive experience in agriculture, our Supply Chain Team regularly travels around Australia, visiting with farmers to source varieties of each fruit according to customer requirements.


Our History

Australian leader 30 years in the making

One of Australia’s leading processors of 100% Australian tropical fruits, Tropico Fruits Pty Ltd commenced operations at the current site in 1980. Tropico is member of the ICM Australia Group of Companies.

The ICM Australia Group is a 100% Australian privately owned group with a large agribusiness portfolio of diverse companies involved in the production and marketing of a wide range of goods including cereals, horticulture, beef and dairy products, wool and cashmere.


Summer Means Mango Madness

Tropico dedicates six months to premium quality mango

Australia produces an average of 60,000 tonnes* of mango every year. The season starts mid-September extending to mid-April. From the moment the first truckload of mango from the Northern Territory arrives at Tropico in September, processing starts in earnest with teams working around the clock to ensure the fruit is processed at the optimum time. The mango processing starts to wind down in March with the late varieties like Honey Gold from Queensland.