Vodka Summer

While she was in New Zealand, Judith was an avid mango juice lover for many years, and longed for the luxurious flavours of the golden fruit, which were rare in the land of the long, white winter.

A lot's changed since then - Judith changed countries and careers,  but she now indulges in the vibrant flavours of the tropics.

Annually for Christmas in July, she invites her family to her Queensland home (close to amazing Mango orchards), when she shares frozen Australian Kensington Pride mango cheeks with her kiwi-fruit loving family.

Judith's favourite recipe uses aseptic fruit purees from Tropico:

Aseptic Australian mango puree (Kensington Pride), Australian guava puree and seedless Australian raspberry puree; blended with NZ vodka in equal parts; served over crushed ice, garnished with a slice of tahitian lime - what a delight!!

For more information on this recipe, please contact Judith directly at - and for more information on any of our Aseptic fruit purees, she has a complete range available to share with you - next month highlights her secret blueberry puree and tequila recipe.