Tropico Fruits and.....Tropicocoa

Tropico does not only do a quality range of formulated fruit prep’s; we also work with coffee, chocolate, caramel and spices.

The Tropico Product Development Team has been working for some time on the best way to produce natural great tasting acidified chocolate, coffee, caramel and other similar preparations for the Dairy, bakery and snack food industries.

Generally these items typically have a high pH, however for Food Safety reasons most of our customers require an acidified product. Tropico has worked closely with suppliers to source the best raw materials to create premium acidified chocolates, caramels and coffees – without that acidified flavour. This includes a new acidity regulator which can reduce the pH level of the product without imparting as much acidic flavour as traditional acidulants such as lactic acid, citric acid and malic acid. We have also sourced real couverture chocolate (not compound chocolate like many products on the market), quality cocoa powder and real coffee to ensure our products are true to taste.

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