The Topping On The Cheesecake

Product Development Manager Mel Brown gives a taste of what the Tropico team can do for you

A lot of people have heard of product development but I am regularly asked what it entails. Initially, it starts with an enquiry and either our Product Development or Sales team can handle that enquiry.

We ask many questions during the initial consultation with our clients to gain as many details as possible. We will then put together an internal project brief which is passed on to the Product Development Manager for approval. It is then allocated to a Food Technologist.

Depending on our client’s needs, we may be able to offer something from our generic range, otherwise we will work on it from scratch. When we are happy with the product, we send our client a sample for evaluation and feedback. From this feedback, we determine if any adjustments are to be made.

We enjoy experimenting with new ingredients and concepts and Tropico specialises in, but isn’t limited to, juices, juice drink blends, ice-cream ripples, cheesecake toppings, fruit preparations for yoghurt and bakery products or ice-cream. Sometimes we even dabble outside the fruit area to create products like vanilla and chocolate syrups. We have Natural, Organic, Kosher, Halal and Australian-grown ingredients and design the product right from the start to meet your needs. We have access to many different fruits from Australian Kensington Pride mango to blueberries, raspberries and of course, wonderful varieties like pomegranate, rhubarb, acai and goji berries. 

Staff from the factory are always knocking on our door, asking what the beautiful aromas from our lab are, and yes, we do let them have a taste!

So, if you have an idea for a product or are looking for a co-manufacturer, please don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us an email. Happy cooking!

Mel Brown
Product Development Manager