Strawberry and Mango Season Outlook

With warmer than normal temperatures, the outlook for the strawberry season is only moderate at this stage, with growers experiencing increased levels of loss due to quality degradation, as the average heat units per day have been above ideal levels - if the rain holds off, the late flower-set may recover some of the yields.

The harvest  of processing strawberries will commence during the month of September, with Tropico processing all of its volume in three weeks.


By all accounts, the mango season seems like it's just finished.

The fruit has set in the Northern Territory, with the early indications being a smaller crop with a later than normal harvest.

At this stage, we are expecting the first of the processing fruit to land the 1st of October from the Darwin region.

Following this will be Katherine, where we will be expecting a similar crop result.

Growers in the Burdekin region advise that flowers are just setting, and its too early to predict what the season will bring.