Pineapple Juice and Crush

Another of Tropico's favourite products are Queensland pineapples! Our HACCP approved clean room team members love working with them too...

We have a long history of creating straight aseptic Australian pineapple juice, while in more recent years we started producing Australian pineapple pulp to add to our pineapple crush range.

The Aseptic Australian pine crush comes in 21 kg BIB or 200 kg drum formats, the same as the pineapple juice.

However; our aseptic Australian pineapple concentrate is denser;  so the carton weights are 25 and drums 225kgs.

If our readers have any suggestions for best Australian pineapple drink recipes, we would be more than happy to host a collection of these - we think Aussie pineapples have some great flavours, and while there are a range of recipes out there, we would love try some more.

On another note, the Queensland Strawberry season has drawn to a close, with another great Strawbfest in Chevallum,,50084#.UkESodJmhLc

For those of you who havent been, its a great celebration of everything strawberry, and a fantastic event for kids and adults alike - make a note for next year in September!


Australian Pineapple