Blueberry Tequila Margarita

As promised a blueberry delight from Judith.

This beverage is a specialty from Judith's little black book, made for any given Queensland holiday or just as a weeknight refresher. 


·         2 cups ice

·         200 ml blueberry juice

·         100 ml Schweppes Soda Water

·         1 tablespoon lime juice

·         70 ml Centenario tequila

·         25 ml Blue Curacao

·         1 lime wedge

·         Zest from 1 lime

·         50 gms sugar

Prepare the glass

Method for lime sugar- mix lime zest and sugar

Use piece of lime to rim the margarita glass, and rotate rim in lime sugar blend

Prepare the Maragarita

In a blender, add 75 ml tequila, 25 ml blue curacao, 50gms sugar, and the juice of 1 lime. Fill the blender with ice and blend until smooth. Then add 200 ml blueberry puree, and blend briefly again. Add 100 ml soda water and lime juice, blend briefly again.

Layer into rimmed glasses and serve immediately. 


This secret recipe has never before been allowed in print, so please send all comments to, so she can add to her upcoming e-book launch "Best-kept Recipes using Aseptic Australian Fruit Purees", sure to be a hit.