Cucumbers for puree

Vegetable Variants

Tropico has been working with key vegetable suppliers in the Queensland regions, exploring the range of cucumber varieties, in order to create new vegetable lines for our customers to ennhance their beverage and savoury offerings.


Fruit Preparations

Tropico has significant capability in the area of stabilised fruit preparations. Most of our fruit preps are used in dairy application, such as yoghurt or ice-cream, but we can design products for many applications. We have access to a wide range of fruits and ingredients so can make anything from a chocolate orange syrup to a tangy passionfruit fruit preparation.


Australian Raspberry Mango Daiquiri

Welcome to 2014! 

Australian Raspberry puree is the flavour of the month here at Tropico, hot on the heels of a great Australian mango puree season.

As we lead into Australia day, Judith has offered up yet another tasty gem, starring our popular Australian Purees

Australia Day Daiquiri

Australian Pineapple

Pineapple Juice and Crush

Another of Tropico's favourite products are Queensland pineapples! Our HACCP approved clean room team members love working with them too...

We have a long history of creating straight aseptic Australian pineapple juice, while in more recent years we started producing Australian pineapple pulp to add to our pineapple crush range.


Blueberry Tequila Margarita

As promised a blueberry delight from Judith.

This beverage is a specialty from Judith's little black book, made for any given Queensland holiday or just as a weeknight refresher. 


·         2 cups ice

·         200 ml blueberry juice

·         100 ml Schweppes Soda Water

·         1 tablespoon lime juice


Vodka Summer

While she was in New Zealand, Judith was an avid mango juice lover for many years, and longed for the luxurious flavours of the golden fruit, which were rare in the land of the long, white winter.

A lot's changed since then - Judith changed countries and careers,  but she now indulges in the vibrant flavours of the tropics.


Strawberry and Mango Season Outlook

With warmer than normal temperatures, the outlook for the strawberry season is only moderate at this stage, with growers experiencing increased levels of loss due to quality degradation, as the average heat units per day have been above ideal levels - if the rain holds off, the late flower-set may recover some of the yields.

Chocolate Yoghurt Prep Tropico

Tropico Fruits and.....Tropicocoa

Tropico does not only do a quality range of formulated fruit prep’s; we also work with coffee, chocolate, caramel and spices.

The Tropico Product Development Team has been working for some time on the best way to produce natural great tasting acidified chocolate, coffee, caramel and other similar preparations for the Dairy, bakery and snack food industries.


The Topping On The Cheesecake

Product Development Manager Mel Brown gives a taste of what the Tropico team can do for you

A lot of people have heard of product development but I am regularly asked what it entails. Initially, it starts with an enquiry and either our Product Development or Sales team can handle that enquiry.


Mango Prices To Rise

This year's mango crop is a bad one and panic is starting to set in.

The situation will have a nasty ripple effect on a range of sectors, with consumers and wholesalers likely to be paying top dollar for low-quality fruit and processors being caught short by growers forced to send processing fruit to the retail market.