Welcome to Tropico Fruits ... Australian Mango Puree Specialists

Welcome to Tropico Fruits

30 Years in the making

Industry leader in Australia

Tropico Fruits Pty Ltd is a 100% Australian owned and operated company and one of Australia's leading fruit processors. Tropico has operated for 30 years on the Sunshine Coast, with our new facility based at Yandina.

Our extensive range of quality Australian products includes:

  • Fruit juices & purees¬†

  • Fruit preparations / syrups / sauces for dairy & other applications

  • Australian Pineapple Juice and Crush

  • Aseptic Australian Kensington Pride Mango puree

- Aseptic Australian Vegetable purees - Cucumber and other vegetables 

We hope you enjoy browsing our site and more importantly, continue enjoying our premium products. 

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Cucumbers for puree

Vegetable Variants

Tropico has been working with key vegetable suppliers in the Queensland regions, exploring the range of cucumber varieties, in order to create new vegetable lines for our customers to ennhance their beverage and savoury offerings.


Fruit Preparations

Tropico has significant capability in the area of stabilised fruit preparations. Most of our fruit preps are used in dairy application, such as yoghurt or ice-cream, but we can design products for many applications. We have access to a wide range of fruits and ingredients so can make anything from a chocolate orange syrup to a tangy passionfruit fruit preparation.